The sun, the moon, and the landscape

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    icon01The Hotel

    The sun, the moon, and the landscape, are what the Sun Moon Lake Hotel offers you as the start to your beautiful holiday.
    To appreciate the beauty Sun Moon Lake, it takes time. In the early morning, the lake is a scene of poetic and floating mist, and by day this deep blue lake is a scenic place to be. At dusk as the sun starts to set, the water waves become something of a thousand beauties, so mesmerizing that one almost forgets whether he is above the waves or in the clouds, losing the track of time as one is immersed in the atmosphere.

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    icon02The Best environment 

    The Sun Moon Lake Hotel is located along the south shore of the Sun Moon Lake. Its elegance and simple exterior gives a subtle hint of the hotel’s warm hospitality. In quietness, its leisurely mood blends a dash of gorgeousness, as the Zen atmosphere begins to play out in silence.
    Like a dewdrop forming overnight, when the sunlight flows, it becomes an emerald shining at a branch’s edge, in soft greenness.
    Everywhere you can see “life,” and at any you can feel a sense of the “new.”

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    icon02About the guest rooms

    Sun Moon Lake Hotel has 106 guest rooms. Each room is an independent living space carved out of lake water, cloud shadows, and sunlight,
    All statuses and families can travel.
    Being nestled in the mountains or close to the lake, this place will always let you enjoy the peace and quiet you have longed for. 
    Sun Moon Lake Hotel offers you a Sun Moon Lake with lovely mountain and water scenery, where people and culture converge,

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