• Mountain View Twin Room

    Mountain View Twin Room NT. 8,000 Two single beds Room size:29.8㎡

    A carefully planned simple space allows abundant Phytoncid from the mountain forests to float freely in your easy vacation.

  • Mountain View Japanese Twin Room

    Mountain View Japanese Twin Room NT. 9,000 Two single beds + lounge Room size:39.7㎡

    With sunset shadows in a warm living space,
    you can feel peaceful leisure as your tired heart receives warmth.

  • Lake View Japanese Room

    Lake View Japanese Room NT. 10,000 One queen or two single beds + tatami Room size:49.6㎡

    Even though it is located in a corner easily overlooked by the lake,
    it is quiet and has a fishing village atmosphere.
    This brings you satisfaction and make you yearn for emotions before your eyes.

  • Deluxe Lake View Quad Room

    Deluxe Lake View Quad Room NT. 14,000 One queen or two full-sized beds + tatami Room size:49.6㎡

    Lightly touch the at ease and free lake water shimmer,
    you can almost touch the obsession and wildness with your fingers.

  • Deluxe Double View Suite

    Deluxe Double View Suite NT. 13,000 Two single beds + living room Room size:56.2㎡

    The starry sky and mountain forests coexist with the poetry
    and literature of intellectuals, look afar to the ancient Mother Nature,
    and feel the awe for beauty of all objects.

  • Lake View Suite

    Lake View Suite NT. 11,000 One King size bed +living room Room size:49.6㎡

    The room uses wood floors to extend the desire to the lake scene
    outdoors, giving you a blended space from the sky and water as one color.
    You can see farther, and your heart can feel infinite flexibility with the wideness.

  • Splendor Presidential Suite

    Splendor Presidential Suite NT. 68,000 one king size bed + living room Room size:165.3㎡

    Only you can freely enjoy this outstanding and unique scenery under the sun and moon.
    The luxurious bedroom and living room design creates a leisure space for you that is classic with transcendent design.