Moon Gallery

Four meeting halls that can be operated independently or integrated together,to a theater-style hall that can hold over 200 people.
Sun Moon Lake Hotel banquet service personnel are highly professional, and can certainly meet your event needs.
The various audiovisual facilities for conferences can certainly make your meeting a hundred percent successful.
The elegant and quiet VIP booths offer a quiet,excellent, and private gathering space,We believe it will be your optimal choice for dining or discussions.
In addition, there is the “Dancing Moon” KTV booth,with a glamorous and wide space for entertainment.
Giving you different memories for your leisurely vacation.


Floor Function Room Classroom  □ Shape U Shape Theatre Party Table 08:00-12:00 13:30-17:30 18:00-22:00
R Star Moon Hall 144 66 45 200 180 ※※ NT$50,000 NT$50,000 NT$50,000
B1 VIP Box ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ ※※ 1 NT$12,000 NT$12,000 NT$12,000
B1 Ballroom A 36 30 21 40 ※※ 3 NT$10,000 NT$10,000 NT$10,000
B1 Ballroom D 72 48 30 120 ※※ 8 NT$15,000 NT$15,000 NT$15,000
B1 Ballroom B/C 36 30 21 40 ※※ 4 NT$10,000 NT$10,000 NT$10,000
B1 Ballroom C+D 126 ※※ ※※ 160 150 12 NT$20,000 NT$20,000 NT$20,000
B1 Ballroom A+B+C 135 ※※ ※※ 160 150 11 NT$20,000 NT$20,000 NT$20,000
B1 Ballroom A+B+C+D 200 ※※ ※※ 280 220 20 NT$30,000 NT$30,000 NT$30,000
▲Additions to the number of guests will be according to actual needs, and conditions may vary. The above charges are subject to a 10% service charge.

A.Rental fee calculation
1.Pre-conference activities venue layout (excluding staff) First Hour is Complimentary. NT$ 1,000 for each hour thereafter. After 8pm (20:00) (by arrangement) NT$ 2,000 per hour.
2.Conference Room (four hour period), with each additional hour charged at NT$ 2,000 + 10%.  Additional time = 2 periods. If night-time arrangements are required, there will be additional fees.
3.Buffet table with food for the period of use: Breakfast (07:00 - 10:00). Lunch (11:30 - 14:00). Dinner (17:30 - 20:30), depending on the content of meals free of charge. Corkage fees extra. (Alcohol NT$ 500 / table, soft drinks NT$ 300 / table).
4.If you use the Sun Moon Lake Hotel buffet, the minimum charge is NT$ 70,000 + 10%, excluding corkage fee (NT$ 50 / person).

B.Complimentary facilities:
Projector Coffee Wireless microphone Mineral water/people
Lectern Tea a whiteboard Projector screen
Pencils Laser pointer Paper Wifi

C.Additional Conference Equipment Available for Rental:
DVD disc player
Dance floor (Every Ping [3.03m2] consists of 4 pieces)
Projection curtain (for activities) 
Movable speakers
Microphone / Stand
Notebook PC

D.Refreshments Cost
Black tea, coffee, milk tea (choose two from three), handmade cookies (one type), four seasons fruit (one type), fresh vegetables with cheese. Whole wheat rolls with turkey leg and fresh vegetables, or hand towel/swiss roll (choose one from three), custard fruit tarts, tuna quiche, or salmon quiche (choose one from three).  NT$ 150 + 10% / person.
Black tea, coffee, milk tea (choose two from three), handmade cookies (one type), four seasons fruit (one type), tuna with fresh vegetables, salmon with fresh vegetables, or smoked chicken with fresh vegetables (choose one from three), original custard pie, chocolate custard pie, or green tea custard pie (choose one from three) ,swiss roll.  NT$ 200 + 10% / person.
Black tea, coffee, milk tea (choose two from three), handmade cookies (one type), four seasons fruit (one type), Croissants with turkey leg, mousse, and fresh vegetables or Croissants with smoked chicken, mousse, and fresh vegetables (choose one from three).  Egg tart, handmade milk pudding, or French style Crème Brûlée (choose one from three) ,swiss roll. NT$ 250 + 10% / person.